Integrity & Corrosion Engineering Department was established, as a result of a license agreement between Alpha Energy and Cosasco, world leading Corrosion Monitoring Systems manufacturer. 

Since 1950, Cosasco has been providing leading-edge corrosion monitoring and chemical injection solutions for a variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutical, and Utilities.

Relation reached up to a level of partnership between both companies to provide corrosion monitoring products with most updated technologies. 



Our Specialized laboratory analysis are processed according to NACE and ASTM standards.


Corrosion issues have different implications on the integrity of materials used in the petroleum industry from drilling, production, transportation and refinery. Typical corrosion encountered includes mechanism such as uniform corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and pitting corrosion.

Being the sole agent for Cosasco (formerly known as RCS) – global leader in the specialty – we have gained distinguished expertise over twenty years, becoming the most specialized company in Corrosion Monitoring systems supplies and services in the Middle East.

Supported by Cosasco, our Corrosion Engineering business unit is able to provide the most advanced solutions based on innovative methods and equipment to all end users in need to monitor and protect their assets.

As the latest technologies of Corrosion Monitoring Wireless Systems have been implemented recently in the region, a notable part of our services includes provision of technical support and reporting comprising calculation of corrosion rates, comparison and trends observation, as well as recommendations for systems upgrade to our client.

Our Corrosion Engineering specialists are able to cover the following scopes of work:

Corrosion Monitoring:

  • Intrusive Conventional Monitoring devices
  • Data loggers
  • Wireless systems for all applications (using Electrical Resistance, LPR and ECM)
  • Bacterial monitoring for pipelines, tanks, and down hole
  • RCS 2” Access Fittings
  • Chemical injection systems
  • Retriever tools for high pressure
  • Retractable tools and systems for pipelines, tanks and refineries (low pressure and high temperature)
  • Hot Tapping tools
  • CUI (Corrosion Under Insulators)
  • After-sales technical support
  • On-Site surveys for chemical injection systems
  • On-Site chemical analysis
  • Sampling for chemical analysis
  • Detection of corrosion factors (Chlorine, CO2, H2S, PH, Iron Sulphide, and dew point, etc.)
  • Chemical and routine analysis for laboratories

Cathodic Protection:

  • Supply of Cathodic Protection equipment, installation and commissioning
  • Mitigation and Protection services
  • After-sales technical support

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